Never, Ever Give A Horse Away!

 I'm about to turn this gorgeous 17 hand Dutch
Warmblood gelding, Neon, over to Pat Parelli-
who 'bought' him from me for $2.00.
Advice to  EVERYONE who cares about horses: NEVER, EVER GIVE A HORSE AWAY.  Instead, sell 99% of the horse for whatever price you want- even if it's only $1.00, and write on the bill of sale that you are 1% owner and that the horse cannot change hands in any way without your written consent- and even then only 99%  can be sold.  Add a high penalty ($5K) for anyone who breaks that contract. Be sure that both you and the buyer sign below, and you keep a copy of the document in a safe place- just in case. That's the ONLY way to know for sure that a horse you care about won't be sold for slaughter in Canada or Mexico, where it's still legal. Some very, very nice US horses have been slaughtered because of a loophole in US law.
A little side story...
I bought Neon, a supposed "rogue, killer" horse from actor Val Kilmer (for $1.00) to prevent his being put down (Neon, not Val). He soon showed me that he wasn't a killer at all- he just needed love, respect, and partnership. I eventually sold Neon to natural horseman Pat Parelli for $2.00 (doubled my money!). Just a few months later the "dangerous" Neon was chosen by Olympian David O'Connor as his personal mount to enjoy while instructing an advanced class at the Parelli Center. David gave him rave reviews.  Now, years later, Neon is still living happily ever after at the home of his human partner, a practitioner of the Parelli program.